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Other HAZMAT Services

We also provide a range of other specialist HAZMAT and compliance services and can often provide a full solution for our customers HAZMAT requirements.


Mould Sampling & Air Quality Testing

Virotech offers a range of biological testing services tailored to meet your needs.

  • Basic inspections to confirm the presence of mould.

  • Detailed inspection with additional air spore, culturable & non-culturable, swab samples taken and moisture assessments.

  • Post remediation inspections and validation testing to ensure mould is removed appropriately.

Mould Testing

Lead Sampling & Assessment 

  • Lead exposure monitoring.

  • Testing for traces of lead and corresponding reporting.

  • X Ray penetration testing for elemental analysis of contaminants.

  • Recommendations for lead removal and/or encapsulation.

  • Project management for lead contaminated soil.

Lead Sampling

Contaminated Soil
& Land Testing

  • Contaminated soil sampling.

  • Soil investigation, remediation and validation.

  • Remediation management.

  • Hazardous waste management.

  • Latest GPS mapping technology.

Contaminated Soil
Dust Monitoring

Dust & Environmental Monitoring

  • Risk assessments for particulates created by site activities.

  • Testing and monitoring for airborne particulate levels.

  • Specific particulate air monitoring for contaminants like silica dust.

  • Monitoring to ensure dust and particulates are kept within allowable limits and resource consent levels.

  • Site perimeter or fenceline monitoring.

Technical Reports

Technical Reports & Consultancy

  • HAZMAT management recommendations and reports.

  • Asbestos Surveys.

  • Asbestos Management Plans.

  • Clearance reports.

  • Expert opinions regarding removal methodology and fit with asbestos regulations and Approved Code of Practice (ACOP).

IANZ Accredited Laboratory Analysis

Independent HAZMAT testing and identification services for residential and commercial premises

Lab Testing

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